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Six Tips for Optimizing Your TownPros Profile

The first step to building a strong foundation for your business is properly showcasing yourself online. And, the most important factor to build that foundation is establishing customer trust by delivering correct and consistent business information. Having a missing or incorrect address, phone number or website can not only affect your ranking in search engine results, it can act as a warning sign for potential customers. To help you establish a foundation of trust and start gaining qualified leads, we’ve compiled some tips to help you expand your profile’s content.

Tip #1 – Keep Your Name Consistent

Use the same business name on every online listing and take into account the inclusion or exclusion of suffixes (Inc., Corp., etc.). If your LinkedIn profile is Cypress Homes, Inc. your TownPros profile should be Cypress Homes, Inc. as well.

Tip #2 – Here’s Lookin’ at You

When uploading your profile picture, use a headshot so your customers can see your beautiful face when they look for your business. Seeing the person behind the service or product helps generate trust, and that trust can go a long way. More than one owner? No problem! Your company logo is a great alternative to a headshot. Remember: the better the photograph the better the perception.

Tip #3 – Share Your Story

Be sure to take full advantage of the “About Us” section. This is your chance to introduce yourself to potential customers. Tell your story and why you do what you do. Think of this as a digital handshake. It’s a great way to make a solid first impression, which could lead to more qualified customer inquiries.

Tip #4 – Show ‘Em What You’re Working With

A picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine what a picture gallery is worth! Show off your skills with before and after photos, photos of your team and completed projects. Your free TownPros package offers three photo uploads, which might not be enough to showcase all the great work your business has done. If you’d like to supercharge your visual presence, consider upgrading your plan for access to unlimited photo uploads. A high-quality gallery can really set you apart from the competition.

Tip #5 – Tag Your Categories

Customers like to search for service providers based on certain categories, so make sure you’re tagging the three categories that are the most relevant to your line of work. Do you provide heating and air conditioning services? Tag that category. When a customer searches for heating and air conditioning services, your business will be listed in their results. Tag on, TownPros members!

Tip #6 – The Details Matter

Make sure you’re filling in all of your contact and your company information correctly. In addition to providing your website, phone and address, providing your hours of operation can help potential customers know when they can stop in and say hello. Lastly, showing your pricing can better pre-qualify your leads. Kiss those out of budget discussions goodbye!

Have you fully optimized your TownPros profile?